About Us

One summer afternoon in 2012, technopreneur Dilan Desilva reached his "eureka moment" during a casual conversation over a cup of tea with Christy Chorleton, the owner of Techniques Salon and Spa. They discussed the salon industry’s need for a technology upgrade. Dilan’s tech-centric mind went into overdrive as he saw a solution: branded mobile app development.

As a test project, Dilan innovated and designed the Techniques App. With his Macbook and one developer, created his first salon and spa app on iOS software. There were over 900 downloads of that app within the first 24 hours of its appearance. Realizing the potential of investing in mobile app design, Dilan started Webappclouds. As salon clientele grew, all salon and spa clients became part of the SalonClouds+ division.

Over time, Webappclouds has grown to an industry-acclaimed business. What began as a two-person operation has evolved into a team of dedicated developers, designers and writers. Today, Webappclouds works with businesses and non profits like FedEx, Amazon, the Center for Whale Research, Roadrunner, and hundreds of salons and spas nationwide. Our team now provides mobile app development, SEO, SMO, digital design and more. The Webappclouds team strives to put you and your business needs first, resulting in innovation and noticeable results.

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